Simple and Effective

1. Build a Landing Page

Create a 100% mobile responsive landing page that converts with AMZPromoter’s simple to use landing page wizard.

2. Send Prospects

Promote your page to your email list, blog, on social media, through ad networks or on any other traffic source.

3. Get the Sale

Once the prospect enters their email address, they are automatically emailed the coupon code along with purchasing instructions. Their email is collected and stored for future marketing purposes.

Explode Your Sales And Organic Rankings

The Amazon marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive. AMZPromoter gives you the edge by allowing you to target prospects you otherwise wouldn’t reach. This creates a snowball effect, increasing your sales and drastically boosting your Amazon organic rankings!

AMZPromoter offer landing page

Automated One-Time Coupon Delivery

Simply create one-time coupon codes in SellerCentral and upload the .txt file to AMZPromoter. When your prospects enter their email addresses they will automatically be sent a unique coupon along with purchasing instructions. Our system protects your inventory from repeat opt-ins, coupon sites and other malicious users.

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Grow Your Email List

One of the main drawbacks with selling on Amazon is they mask your customers’ email address. AMZPromoter solves this issue by capturing your customers email BEFORE they buy the product on Amazon. AMZPromoter is 100% compliant with Amazon’s terms of service.

Grow Your Email List

One of the main drawbacks with selling on Amazon is they mask your customers’ email address. AMZPromoter solves this issue by capturing your customers email BEFORE they buy the product on Amazon. AMZPromoter is 100% compliant with Amazon’s terms of service.

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Boost Your Customer Reviews

Amazon has now outright banned incentivized reviews. Don't put your account in jeopardy by using professional review services. Stay 100% compliant with AMZPromoter and promote your product to real buyers; not professional reviewers. Follow up with our recommended post-series email series to greatly improve your review rate! AMZPromoter integrates with the most popular email auto-responders, including: MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber and Active Campaign for further remarketing efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AMZPromoter?

AMZPromoter allows Amazon sellers, like yourself, to quickly create landing pages (also called sales pages) for your Amazon products. You can then advertise these pages to potential customers on various platforms such as social media, email, blogs etc.

This will bring more traffic to your Amazon product and in turn lead to increased sales, higher rankings, more reviews and growth of your customer email list.

Does AMZPromoter support retargeting and analytics?

Yes! We you can include your Google Analytics Tracking Code, Facebook Tracking Pixel and Retargeting Pixel on the ‘Opt-in’ page and the ‘Thank you' page so you can have ultimate control over your marketing efforts.

What Amazon marketplaces do you support?

We currently support US, UK, DE, FR and ES marketplaces.

Do you host the landing pages or do I have to?

We can generate a URL for your landing pages that will look something like

Alternatively, we can provide you with some simple code that will allow you to embed the landing pages, so they can be displayed on your own domain.

Is AMZPromoter only for experienced Amazon sellers?

No! AMZPromoter works fantastically for new product launches and will greatly assist you in boosting your organic rankings on Amazon.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, we provide full email technical support for the duration of your membership.

Will Amazon remove the reviews on discounted products?

No! You will be getting REAL reviews from GENUINE customers, not ‘professional’ reviewers. Amazon has recently been cracking down hard on ‘professional’ reviewers so be careful when using review groups.

Can users use multiple email addresses to repeatedly opt-in to the coupon offer?

AMZPromoter includes an option to disallow multiple opt-ins from the same IP address.

How do I cancel my membership?

Just login and go to the ‘Account Settings’ tab and press the ‘Cancel Subscription’ link.

Are the ‘Opt-in’ pages and ‘Thank you’ pages mobile responsive?

Yes! They are 100% mobile responsive and can be viewed on all devices.

Do I need a developer or web designer to set it up?

Nope, our intuitive wizard does all the work for you so you can focus on building your business.

Does AMZPromoter integrate with any autoresponders?

AMZPromoter integrates seamlessly with MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber, and ActiveCampaign. Integrations allow for automatic synchronization of emails with your provider email lists.

Does a buyer need to confirm their email address to receive a promo code?

AMZPromoter allows you to choose whether a buyer needs to confirm their email address before receiving a promo code. This setting is available during campaign setup.

What technology is used in AMZPromoter?

We use the premier cloud hosting company Heroku and Amazon S3 to host all your landing pages. Your credentials are encrypted using OpenSSL AES 256-bit encryption. CloudFlare also provides another layer of security.

For email delivery, we use SendGrid, the market leader in transactional emailing. We carefully configured our servers and messages so that our emails pass all spam filters. All our emails received 10/10 score with Mail Tester (an extensive spam testing tool).

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