AMZPromoter Affiliate Program

Become an AMZPromoter affiliate and start making recurring passive income today.

AMZPromoter’s powerful solution is highly appealing to a fast-growing and large number of Amazon Sellers as a long-term addition to their marketing strategy.

Becoming an affiliate with AMZPromoter can be an excellent way for you to make some serious side income.


  • We pay 25% recurring commissions for the lifetime of the user
  • Your commissions grow with the number of referrals you sign up (with no cap)
  • No subscription to our service is required by you
  • We payout in the first week of every month using Paypal mass payouts

How Our Affiliate System Works

It's simple...When you sign up and get accepted into our Affiliate Program, we will provide you with a unique affiliate link that is specific to your account. You can log into our portal and track your users in real-time.

You can share your affiliate link any way you like...In an email to your email list, to your friends on social media, or you could publish it on your blog.

The only restriction are we do not award commissions if you include the terms ‘AMZ Promoter or ‘AMZPromoter’ in a paid ad campaign. Also you cannot buy from yourself or be your first purchase for the sole purpose of discounting your own purchase.

Whenever someone converts from a free to paid user you will receive 25% commission of the sale and every month thereafter for the life of the user!

Our system uses cookies so that even if your prospect comes back another time (up to 3 days) to sign up, you still earn your commission.

Payout Terms

In the first week of each month, we send direct payments to our affiliates through PayPal for commission earned in the previous month.

The minimum accumulated commission you must earn to trigger a payment is $50 for monthly payouts...Otherwise, every six months we clear the books and do payouts on accounts with balances under $50.

So What Are You Waiting For?

We are looking to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our Affiliates, so if you think AMZPromoter is a great solution and something worth sharing, then sign up to our Partner Program now and start making money today!

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